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Participatory Citizen Result Based Monitoring System (PAC-REBMS) created by AFAWI to monitor the implementation of government policies supporting disadvantaged communities and programmes at grassroots levels in Ghana. It is set to enhance the quality of impact work by duty bearers.

Over the years AFAWI and its implementing partners through PAC-REBMS thus have contributed immensely to poverty reduction and strengthen good governance practices at the local governance systems in Ghana.

The mobilization and mentoring of citizens is the core of this project, demanding transparency, accountability and equity in the management of public funds for the last ten years.


AFAWI therefore promotes social accountability processes. 


As a member of Ghana Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation Network (PM & E Network) in Greater Accra Region, it has strengthened the advocacy capacity of district or municipal based civil society organizations and community-based organizations, especially women’s groups and people living with disability to demand for alternative policies, financial transparency and accountability.

The Governance Project monitors broadly good governance indicators of participation, transparency, accountability and equity in the management of public expenditure for the implementation of interventions in disadvantaged communities by state institutions at all levels of decentralization. Using budget tracking and policy advocacy, the Network has monitored the use of public funds and engaged public duty bearers to influence public policies in disadvantaged communities.

AFAWI Participatory research looks at communities that emphasizes participation and action, by contributing to change it, in partnership with local organized groups and following reflection. Further we are emphasizing finding community solutions to community problems.



Concentrating on collective oriented actions in solving pressing community needs by awareness-raising and building capacity to mobilization through research and advocacy to promote and influence planning and policy formulation for change. The focus is on citizen-based monitoring and evaluation, partnership and implementation and tracking.



The Project spearhead local level policy advocating for transparency, accountability and equity in the use of funds by all levels of government. It is emphasizing on government focus to support women and children in  disadvantaged communities.

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