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Let us help ourselves to make the world a better place. Alliance for African Women Initiative (AFAWI) is a grassroots Ghanaian organization, striving to narrow gender gaps and created opportunity and prosperity for women and children in Ghana for over 10 years.  We believe strongly in sustainable development and strive for our projects to become self-reliant.  AFAWI takes a holistic approach to sustainable development, consulting and collaborating with communities to meet their needs and goals, to ensure projects will bring the most opportunity and success to the community as a whole.  We believe in sharing ideas and collaborating with people in to bring about real positive change.                        
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Empowering people
  • Narrowing gender gaps
  • Food Security

Development is your Change

Can anyone volunteer?

Yes, anyone is welcomed to apply to Volunteer Intern.  We are looking for passionate individuals that are willing to learn and collaborate on projects that help communities in Ghana.  It is a well structured program where Volunteer Interns will be required to write a report by the end of the program.

Will I work with other volunteers?

Yes, all of our programs have 10-15 volunteers at one time.  Volunteer Interns will be placed into groups to do different tasks or work in different communities but will all stay in the same hostel facility.

Where will I be living?

All our volunteer interns are hosted in AFAWI hostel facility, which is located at Asofan with standard facilities to make your stay comfortable. It is about 10 minute walk from the office along a main road with small shops and restaurants.
AFAWI has welcomed volunteer interns from around the world for over seven years.

AFAWI Charity Registration No. D.S.W/3421


+233 243 871 816

+233 303 965 195

AS-7 Asofan, Ofankor North, Accra, Ghana

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