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AFAWI has been welcoming Volunteer Interns to Ghana for over 14 years, to share the unique experience of supporting a grassroots organisation with development projects.      
We believe in women empowerment and community development to bring equality to everyone.  Volunteer Interning is a great opportunity to learn about international development from the ground level by experts in the field.  We foster an office environment that encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing and working towards a shared goal.


Our projects take place in rural communities, which will give you the exclusive learning opportunity to understand how development projects are initiated and managed in Ghana. 


AFAWI is not a placement agency; all the projects are owned and operated by AFAWI Staff. 


Start dates are flexible but it is encouraged to arrive at the beginning of the month.


Program Fees

Duration                       Program Fee (Euro €) 

1 week                                     300 €                   

2 week                                     500 €

3 week                                     700 €

4 week                                     900 €

2 months                               1700 €

+ Registration fee               100 €* - For administrative purposes. 

+ Project Contribution       100 €* - To support the project of your choice.

+ Activity Fee                       150 €* - This fee covers the following activities: AFAWI Tshirt, Accra City Tour, Twi Language Course,                                                                 Cultural Dancing and Drumming Class

*The one time payment of a Registration Fee and the Project Contribution to the project of your choice are due in addition, irrespective of the length of your stay. The one time payment of an Activity Fee is due irrespective of the length of your stay.

*To convert to your country's currency click here.

What is included in the Weekly Program Fee: 


  • Accommodation equipped with AC (incl. water and electricity & night security officer)

  • Lunches on weekdays

  • Airport pick-up and Drop Off

  • Volunteer Intern Orientation Material

  • WIFi (during working hours)

  • Transport to Project Sites

  • 24/7 support in Ghana by AFAWI staff members including emergency support

  • Internal Trainings 

  • Travel assistance (organized Travel Tours are not included)

  • One year membership after completing your stay with us, this includes an invitation to our Annual International Womens Day Conference every March including the provision of free accommodation and food for one week

  • Project Contribution (one time payment of 100 € in addition irrespective of length of stay)

  • Registration Fee (one time payment of 100 € in addition irrespective of length of stay)

  • Activity Fee including: AFAWI tshirt, Accra City Tour, Cultural Drumming and Language Class, Twi Language Course (one time payment of 150 € in addition irrespective of length of stay)


What is not included: 


  • Visa

  • Flights

  • Travel insurance (mandatory)

  • Vaccinations (Yellow Fever mandatory upon entry to Ghana)

  • Criminal Background Check

  • Food and Drinking Water (The Team of AFAWI will assists you in showing you nearby markets, restaurants and stores.)

  • WiFi (after working hours)

  • Further spending of money up on your preferences. (Volunteers generally find EUR 70 to be sufficient for basic weekly expenses)

  • Local Sim Card




  • You must be 18 or over

  • Criminal Background Check -

  • Proof of medical insurance

  • Fluent in English, high-level reading and writing in English

  • Strong commitment to the values and principles of volunteering and sustainable development

  • Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment

  • Ability to adjust to basic living conditions and live independently

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

  • Initiative and enthusiasm

  • Self-starter, being able to work independently and in groups

  • Respectful

  • Adaptable a quickly changing environment 


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