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Monthly Ghana News Update

Monthly updates to keep you informed about current happenings in Ghana.  

Monthly Virtual Expert Talks 


Monthly virtual seminars from academics in the fields of international development, gender studies, women empowerment and many more. 

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International Women's Day Conference

Exclusive invitation and free entry to our annual International Women's Day Conference


Annual General Meeting

An invitation to our annual AGM in Accra and virtual, where our staff reports directly from the ground.

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Quarterly Newsletters

Regular newsletters and updates to keep you informed of our projects and the work of AFAWI

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Enhancements for your CV

Your involvement with AFAWI may provide proof of voluntary service and commitment to add value to your CV

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Voting right to elect Board of Directors

As part of your membership with AFAWI, you'll have the opportunity to help elect new members of the Board

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Apply to become a Board Director

If you have valuable skills you think the organisation could utilise, and the time to commit, you'll be able to apply to become a Board Director



Our aim is for our members to be representative of the objectives and aims we serve - reflecting age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability and socioeconomic groups across Africa.


We also welcome the representation from women and men across the world who are working towards gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls in the region.


Our membership is available to people aged 18 and above. The AFAWI constitution outlines detailed ways on how a person can become a member (Article VI). 

Members should have the empowerment of women and gender equality at heart.


Members should be interested in and aligned with the mission and vision of AFAWI.




Membership tiers to choose

Professional Member: For anyone who is meaningfully employed.

Student Member: For anyone who is enrolled in any further or higher education institution across the world.

Organizational Member: For organizations in Africa or across the world who share a similar vision and mission to AFAWI.



Professional Member: 30.00 EUR

Student Member: 20.00 EUR

Organizational Member: 50.00 EUR

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