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Alliance for African Women Initiative (AFAWI) welcomes volunteer interns from around the world.  As a grassroots organization we foster a knowledge sharing environment that promotes an experience to learn about international development, Ghanaian culture and our projects that empowers women and children to create a better future for communities.


AFAWI is not a placement agency, all the projects are owned and operated by our staff. Our organization was built to serve Ghanaian communities with a focus on women and children.


Volunteer Internship Tasks:

Implementation of on-going projects

Planning of new projects


Social Media


NGO Management Assistance

Administrative Assistance

Data Collection and Evaluation 

Partner Meetings

Internal Trainings 


AFAWI has a number of ongoing projects for Volunteer Interns to choose from. These projects are located in rural communities no tour companies have access to.


Our projects have a set schedule and at different times of year some projects may be more of a priority.  Volunteer Interns personal preference will be accommodated as much as possible, though depending on the time and length of your stay,  the implementation activities and the level of results witnessed may vary.

There is opportunity to learn about and contribute to multiple projects.  


If you are interested in a specific project, please indicate on your application.

Kindly find the costs and requirements for a volunteer internship with us here.

We would love to welcome you to Ghana! 


The Team of AFAWI



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