Why should I Volunteer with AFAWI?

AFAWI is a grassroots Ghanaian NGO who owns and implements all of its projects. We are not a placement agency. This makes our organisation and work very special compared to others. With your voluntary help you are supporting local development work and regional engagement, which is especially important when bearing in mind the requirement of cultural and social understanding, when it comes to a sensitive work that is actually affecting other peoples life.


All of our projects are there to empower individuals and communities as a whole through eye level sustainable development projects.


While volunteering with AFAWI you will have the opportunity to experience the whole processing in an NGO, from planning, over fundraising to the implementation of projects and beyond. 


We highly believe in collaboration and knowledge sharing, which means you can learn from our experienced staff and also share your ideas with us. Our volunteers are an integral part of our success, without we could not have achieved what we did in the last fourteen years, since the foundation of our organisation. Their on-going exchange, diverse ideas, experiences and hard work alongside the AFAWI staff, has shaped us into who we have become as an organisation.


Do I have to pay fees to Volunteer?

AFAWI is not charging any longer for the volunteer programme. With this we want to appreciate the voluntary work of our helpers and reach out on current economical developments. 


However AFAWI is a non-profit organisation and therefore strongly relies on donations to help fund the implementation of our projects. We therefore humbly asks for a support and encourage our volunteers to fundraise, if they are able to.  

The team of AFAWI is aware of the fact, that it might be difficult to arrange your temporary living in Ghana from outside. That’s why we offer a cost-effective accommodation nearby our office and airport pick-up for our international volunteer interns. The required costs total 70,00 € per week.  Please find more information under the section Cost & Requirements.

Does AFAWI accept groups?

Yes, please contact us directly to ensure there is room in the current project to accommodate your group. We can also work together to customize a program for your group depending on your time and budget.


Do I need special skills or qualifications to volunteer?


No, you do not need special skills or qualifications to Volunteer, only a passion for helping people and an inquiring mind to learn about sustainable development from our experienced staff.


Can anyone volunteer?


Yes, anyone is welcomed to apply to volunteer. We are looking for passionate individuals that are willing to learn and collaborate on projects that help communities in Ghana, independent from your nationality, gender and religion. 


Will I work with other volunteer interns?


There are times during the year where there are many volunteers working with AFAWI at the same time.  Some may be working on different projects but stay in the same accommodation facilities. The amount of volunteers differs a lot depending on the time you apply for your work.

How do I obtain a criminal background check?


AFAWI works closely with vulnerable communities.  It is therefore important for our volunteers to have a criminal background check done, prior to arriving in Ghana.  A basic volunteer criminal background check can be obtained by visiting your local police department. Please allow sufficient time before your depart for processing time. The background check must be issued within 12 months of your start date and it’s required to be presented in English. If the background check cannot be issued in English then a translated and verified copy will be accepted if presented along with the original.  Please contact us if you need further details about the background check.  Anyone with a criminal record or caution for other offenses should also contact us before proceeding further. This is very important because we work with vulnerable communities whose safety needs to be taken seriously.

Do I need travel insurance?


Yes, it is mandatory for Volunteers to purchase themselves travel insurance, especially medical insurance, prior to arriving in Ghana.


How far in advance should I apply and register?

The sooner you apply the more we can consider your personal preferences and guarantee you a stay with AFAWI. Please note that we only have positions for 10-15 participants at a time.


Will AFAWI provide a reference for me when I finish?


Yes, AFAWI would be happy to provide a reference for you upon completion of the program.

Will I require any vaccinations?

Yes, you must visit a travel doctor for medical advice before coming to Ghana. Please note that everyone entering Ghana is legally required to have a Yellow Fever Vaccination Card (you will be asked to present it at the airport before customs) and the following vaccination are have been recommended to past Volunteers:


  • Yellow Fever (Legally Required)

  • Polio

  • Hepatitis A & B

  • Diphtheria/Tetanus

  • Typhoid

  • Tuberculosis (when epidemic)

  • Malaria Prevention - Tablets

  • Dukoral or other medicine that protects against travellers' diarrhea caused by bacteria called E. coli. (ETEC) and Cholera caused by Vibrio cholerae bacteria found in unclean water. (This is because the tap water is not recommended for drinking and even with diligent awareness of this, some restaurants may use the water to cook with, if it is not boiled for long enough, the water may cause these symptoms)


Do I need to be able to speak the local language?

It is required to be fluent in English on our projects. Ghana has further eight official languages. The most widely spoken language is Twi, but some of the communities we work with speak other languages.  Thus it is only required to speak English and when necessary there will be translators available.

Can I do traveling and sightseeing on free weekends?

Yes, Volunteers are welcomed to travel and see the beautiful country of Ghana.  AFAWI staff would be happy to make suggestions and can also further help you with organising your travel plans. Depending on the workload, we can also do accompanied trips together as a group. The cost for those trips need to be carried out by the volunteers.

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